Who We Are

StellarPeak Corp. is an agile business that brings significant Government and private sector project, program, business management, and business development experience. Company and key management personnel past performance includes systems engineering, integrated cyber / security solutions, cloud engineering, intelligence analysis, and training support services for the IC, DHS, and DoD.

We bring unique customer insight, enhance business development through extensive customer and industry relationships, and build upon successes to foster growth while delivering superior professional services. Our employees are typically experts in their fields with advanced degrees and the highest in security clearances.

StellarPeak Corp. proudly hires our nation’s veterans, who bring their dedication, work-ethic, and team spirit to our company culture. Over 60% of StellarPeak employees are veterans.

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission. To provide the best value and highest level of service to our Customers by delivering realistic, innovative solutions. We put Customer first and deliver what they need, when they need it.

Vision. To provide real value to our Customers and career, growth, and financial opportunity to our employees.


Integrity. Our word is our most important product; we make decisions in the best interest of our Customer

Accountability. We accept responsibility for our actions; we make decisions impacting our services through experience and sound judgment

Commitment. We are dedicated to the success of our Customers and their missions; our commitment steers the team through challenges

Excellence. Our seasoned professionals provide the best products possible; we deliver tailored solutions to ensure mission success

Creativity. We go beyond competence to achieve excellence; we continually strive for greater efficiency and effectiveness in accomplishing the mission

Teamwork. We bring out the best from our professionals; we work together to deliver the optimal solution

Leadership Team

Our leadership team comprises a unique pairing of subject matter and program & business support expertise.  Check out the team’s biographies to learn more about how each contributes to customer and organizational success.

Subject Matter Experts

Program / Business Support


StellarPeak promotes diversity and inclusion for Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) compliance and because our approach in these areas makes sound business sense. The Government agencies we support are comprised of people from diverse backgrounds and attributes to include race, gender, age, religion and disability. Therefore, we believe a diverse StellarPeak team delivers a more responsive, holistic solution to the customer. We promote inclusion from the top-down. Our corporate and on-site leaders embrace and encourage the varied perspectives a diverse team brings to planning and problem solving. If you’re looking for a team that values uniqueness, check out our opportunities at the Join Us tab and contact us.

Our Network

In order to effectively collaborate, support our customers and community, and remain engaged StellarPeak Corp. maintains an active and relevant network.

Government Customers

Industry Partners

Professional Organizations

Social Responsibility